Fort McMurray Store & Warehouse

Fort McMurray Store & Warehouse


Our Products


Northern Canadian Supplies Ltd. distributes Safety, PPE, Bitumen Removal, Dust Control, Washbay, Camp, Hotel, Food Service, Janitorial Cleaning, Paper, Plastic Bag, Industrial,

and Environmental Products & Equipment including:


        Poly Bags / Industrial Garbage Bags

        Industrial Cleaning

Bitumen Remover Degreasers

Dust Control Environmental Products

        Urinal / Toilet

        Specialty Cleaning

        Wash Bay Spray Wash Cleaners

        Laundry Soaps

        Paper Products

        Floor Finishes, Sealers & Strippers

       Floor Brooms, Squeegees & Brushes

        Mopping Equipment

        Feminine Hygiene

        Bottles & Trigger Heads


        Soaps & Hand Creams

        Disposable Shoecovers

        Eye Protection – Safety Glasses

       Head Protection – Hard Hats

        Hand Protection – Gloves


        Fire Resistant Clothing

        Equipment – Vacuums, Floor Machines, Scrubbers, Burnishers


Our Manufacturer Partners

Northern Canadian Supplies Ltd. distributes products for the following Janitorial, Safety & Equipment Manufacturers:



        Can-Ross Environmental

        Spill Protection

        Dustbane Canada

        Atlas Graham

       Advantage Maintenance




       Hibbert Equipment

        INO Solutions

        Johnson Diversey


        Procter & Gamble

        Rochester Midland


       SCA Tissue – Tork

        Clarke Equipment

        North Safety

        Pyramex Safety


       Innu – Science Canada


       Spray Nine Canada

        Evergreen Solutions – Biosol

       Epsilon Chemicals

        ECO II Manufacturing



        Murray Chemicals

       Action Wear Nomex Clothing

        Prime Source

       Watson Gloves

       Wayne Safety



       Aurora Tools

       Shop Vac












       Safe Cross First Aid



        Fitseal Respirator




        Howard Leight

       Lind Equipment


        Safe & Sound

        Force Field Protective Clothing

       Impacto Protective Products

        Mechanix Wear


        Onguard Industries Protective Footwear

       Miller Fall Protection

       Jackson Safety

       Accuform Signs

       Wearwell Matting



       REED Instruments

       Armstrong Tools


        Lakeland Protective Clothing

        Herbert Williams Cabinets





Cleaning Chemicals

Complete floor care, washroom, office and wash bay cleaning solutions.  The Innu-Science Canada BIO Biotechnological and the Rochester Midland EKO Ecological product lines from INO Solutions are all leading Environmental Choice certified products.  We offer many other cleaning choices too from Dustbane to Johnson Diversey products.   Our newest manufacturer partner is Epsilon Chemicals based in Edmonton.  Epsilon offers industrial sites customized industrial chemical solutions, specializing in wash bay, laundry and floor cleaners and degreasers.


Plastics & Garbage Bags


Our newest lines of plastic garbage bags from ECO II & Instinct features the first industrial garbage bags manufactured in Canada that use 100% recycled plastic that are fully degradable.  We also distribute the Ralston and Polykar plastic lines of product.  For industrial sites, we can custom make any size, color, thickness and density of needed plastic bags.


Paper & Tissue


SCA Tork is one manufacturer that is making tremendous strides to reduce environmental impacts.  The SCA Tork Paper product line has been recognized as meeting and exceeding environmental standards established by the Canadian and United States Governments. 

Through SCA Tork, we can provide an Environmental impact report that demonstrates savings to the environment by using the available “Green” product choices of recycled product and savings produced through a stringent manufacturing process.  We also carry other paper products made by Kimberly Clark, Instinct, Kruger Scott and Georgia Pacific.



Promoting Environmentally Friendly Product Choices



Northern Canadian Supplies Ltd. is focused on promoting products that do not harm the environment.   We are pleased to have partnered with leading manufacturers that offer green product alternatives.






Dustbane is a leader in manufacturing Environmentally friendly cleaning products.  The Dustbane Environmental Choice product line is comprised of ten key products that are certified.  These products reduce the amount of chemicals required by cleaning contractors, & are highly effective cleaners.  These non-WHMIS controlled products are environmentally safe, and less hazardous for those coming in contact with or working in these areas cleaned.



The 10  Dustbane Environmental Choice products include:



      Azure Window and Glass Cleaner

      Emerald Degreaser

     Excelsior General Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner

      Quat Plus Disinfectant Cleaner

     Orbit  All System Floor Finish

      Polar Bathroom Cleaner

      Time-Out Floor Stripper

      Tradition Hand Cleaner

      Tradition Plus Foaming Hand Cleaner

      Foundation Floor Sealer



These products stand out because they contain / have:


    No A.P.E. (Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates) & No E-glycol Ether

     No Ammonia & No Phosphate (limited in the degreaser)

     No or limited V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds)

     Reduced packaging with Super Concentrates

     Biodegradable, No Petroleum Products & No EDTA / NTA



INO Solutions 


Through INO Solutions, we now offer complete lines of Ecological and Biotechnological cleaning products, as part of eleven families of cleaning products.  These products will also help you save money, when following recommended dilutions for cleaning tasks.



Ecological products are all environmentally friendly.  They meet many international certifications such as Green Seal, etc.  They are not as harsh as traditional cleaning products.



Biotechnological cleaning products are based on enzymes that continue the cleaning process long after workers have applied the product.  In fact, the cleaning benefit can continue up to thirty days after use.  These products meet all levels of international Environmental certification and are 100% biodegradable.


The 10 Ecological EKO Environmental Choice products include:


      EKO 1 Resilient Floor Finish

    EKO 2 Floor Finish Stripper

     EKO 3 Floor Finish Restorer

     EKO 4 Hard Surface Cleaner

      EKO 5 Acid Neutralizer

      EKO 7 Degreaser

     EKO 8 Window Cleaner       

       EKO 9 Neutral Disinfectant

      EKO 10 Deodorizer

      EKO 11 Washroom Cleaner



The 12  Biotechnological Environmental Choice products include:


     BIO 1   All Purpose Cleaner

     BIO 2   Restroom Cleaner with Odor Controller

     BIO 3   Carpet & Textile Cleaner & Spotter

     BIO 4   Power Degreaser      

     BIO 5   Grease Trap Treatment

      BIO 6   Odor Controller for Waste Containers

      BIO 7   Odor Controller for Restrooms

      BIO 8   Degreaser for Kitchen Floors

     BIO 9   Biotechnological Agri Degreaser

      BIO 10 Scrub-Free Cleaner for Soap Scum & Scale Residues

      BIO 12 Calcium Remover Cleaner




SCA Tissue – Tork




SCA Tissue (Tork) is a leader in manufacturing Environmentally friendly paper products.  SCA Tissue offers the Environmental Choice Paper Product line.   Not only has SCA Tissue met the requirements of Canada’s Environmental Choice certification and the United State’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, they have surpassed them! 


SCA’s Paper Products stand out because of their excellence in Resource Use, Water Quality,  Waste Reduction,  Air Quality & Product Requirements:



     Practices certified sustainable forestry

      All SCA products are chlorine free

     Recycled Content has been addressed

     No bleaching of pulp & No compounds containing chlorine

     Solid Waste reduction procedures

     Energy used per ton of paper produced is reduced

     Air Emissions comply with environmental guidelines

      Paper Products and Packaging of Paper Products do not contain certain toxic and harmful chemicals or additives

     All packaging materials are made entirely of recycled materials

    Products do not contain any added pigments, inks, dyes or fragrances


SCA Tissue is the first sanitary paper manufacturer in Canada and the United States to meet and surpass product and processes of rigorous Environmental Choice standards of excellence in the manufacturing of paper towels, tissues, and napkin products.